Container House

Built using an iron container made as two storeyed building.

Wood House

Built using teak wood

Mud House

Built using clay to preserve natural climatic condition and flooring is done using Athangudi Tiles.

Hut House

Built from coconut palm leaves and flooring is cleaned with cow dung [subject to permission from the member]

Touring Talkies

A 90s’ model 600 sq. ft cinema theatre with three columns, on-floor, bench and chair to bring history into reality.

Tea Kadai

A 90s’ model tea kadai [Tea shop] with all snacks and other food items tasted in the said period.

Swimming Pool

To make you to feel as you bath in a Village Pump-set; the swimming pool @ Vijayam Homestay is maintained without filling the water but shower from pipe.


Dining facility with a capacity of 20, built using hollow block bricks commonly referred as red bricks. Kitchen is very much behind the dining facility.

Prayer Hall

A prayer hall @ Vijayam homestay no specific to a particular religion and also a good place to indulge in meditation and pranayama.

Bullock Cart

Village tour for 3 km will be arranged for the interested guests in a bullock cart (subject to extra charges).

Rain Floor

A place with water sprinkler arrangement and will be operated in the evening 4.00 PM on every day.

Meeting Hall

A 1200 sq. ft. meeting hall with a 90s’ model court room (panjayathu) stage. It is a multi-purpose hall to conduct family and official events.